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Tango Area.

Tango is in the north of Kyoto Prefecture and touches the Sea of Japan.

The landscapes of Tango are widely varied. The shoreline combined with coastal terraces, rias coast and long white beaches is enchanting. There are dynamic views from the Tango Peninsula to Mt. Ooe, which belongs to the Sanin Coast National Park and two quasi-national parks. On the coast is Amanohashidate, one of Japan’s three famous views. The town of Ine is an important preservation district for the historic architecture of Funaya boat houses. Tango contains a historic silk crepe manufacturing district, and the Maizuru Red Brick Warehouses, once naval force buildings, are designated as an important cultural property. Meanwhile, Tango is a treasure trove for seafood such as Matsuba crab, yellowtail, shellfish, and Tango cockles.
In addition, Tango is designated one of the best hot spring areas in the Kansai region.