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Yamashiro Area

Yamashiro is home to many historical stories, cultural heritage and quality agricultural products thanks to its unique location as the junction of people, culture and commodities between Kyoto, Nara and Osaka.

The city of Uji is a popular spot for the beauty of the Uji River, or temples and shrines which are designated as Important Cultural Assets or the World Cultural Heritage Sites such as Byodoin Temple or Ujigami Shrine. In addition, there are two historical capitals in Yamashiro. One is Kuni-kyo which was the capital following Nara in 740. Another one was Nagaoka-kyo, established in 784.

Meanwhile, it is worth noting the beautiful landscape of rich green tea plantations in the hills spreading out between the Uji River and Kizu River. This place is well known for producing high quality green tea called Uji tea and bamboo shoots in the spring.